• Hazardous waste from the art disposal site

    The games of shapes by Duik always follow an encounter with the dismissed material and an intensive examination of its specific nature and its form. The young artist is still not aware of the rules of this game, nevertheless is he looking for simplicity in all the diversity of nature and form. His works are characterized through this manifold encounter with material and craft, and at the same time seem […]

  • in La Floresta

    in La Floresta

    An expedition into the uncertainty lead me to Barcelona. In a community of an art studio in La Floresta, working site by site with Hans Nottelmann, I got the chance to further develop my craft skills and to work without obligations. I gave back the trust I had received by tidying up all the garbage and creating a playground of sculptures of it within ten weeks.

  • At Robert Beerscht´s

    At Robert Beerscht´s

    I was motivated to independent work by the working hours I shared with Robert Beerscht. I was also impressed by encounters with the social plastic (Beuys) and Anatol (woking hours) right up to Ponte Courage (Robert).

  • In the filmstudios of Babelsberg

    In the filmstudios of Babelsberg

    The experience at the film studios is characterized by the so-called „jump into the deep end“ and the challenge of preparing two penguin heads within just four days, in an for me until then unknown field. Only after two days one had agreed on a design. And in addition, in the last two days I was supported by Uwe, whose routine still helped to manage the project. Source: „Happy Feet […]

  • In the Military Historical Museum (MHM) of Dresden

    In the Military Historical Museum (MHM) of Dresden

    In the MHM I supported the company Artex as a free lancer in the construction of glass cabinets and in the end I was, together with Frank (30 years of experince in.steel construction) part of the special troop. Three weeks before the opening, ID3D took me over for the installation of exhibits, for repair and for retouching tasks. An example is the rocket glass cabinet /11t, 11m), which I helped […]

  • At Elmar Vogel´s

    At Elmar Vogel´s

    At Elmar Vogel´s, I study and discover my love for stoneworking. He (Elmar) excellently conveyed me a constructive-handicrafted basis and gave me a lot of confidence.

  • In the Verrätergasse (Traitor´s Lane)

    In the Verrätergasse (Traitor´s Lane)

    At master Bone´s, a construction artist, I was inspirated in various ways, His protestant message lives in a poetic ambience.

  • Drawings


    During school days I had never developed an ambition to draw, however Mister Kremser taught me a technique which suits me well. Mister Beerscht encouraged me to experimenting with water and paint.

  • Formation


    During my formation I was strongly promoted and challenged at Mister Bernhard Kremser´s. In this time, a diverse basis of handicraft and art was layed from which I can benefit extremely thereafter.